Sunday, March 27, 2011

WNY OpenData Platform Potentially Moving Forward WIth Infochimps

Things have slowed for a while, but are starting to ramp up again. Over the past week, I have contacted Infochimps ( and have a potential partnership in place with them. This partnership will be that they are providing me with a "hackbox" within their environment, where we can build and run our data ingestors. As we continue to add datasets, Infochimps will integrate these into their production and provide the storage of our data. In addition, we'll be able to write our APIs against this datastore and have them hosted by Infochimps as well. We are essentially donating our time (which we'd end up needing to do anyways) for free hosting of our data. This is pretty nice for a group who has a budget of $0 :-) I will be meeting with one of their engineers this week and getting a preview of their environment. I'll keep everyone posted.

Brian Fending should also have our website up shortly. At first it will be a marketing site with who, what, and why, but will evolve into a place to make requests for datasets to become available, visualizations, promotion of apps that use our data, etc.

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