Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hey T.O, Welcome To Buffalo!

Quite a shock yesterday when I heard that T.O was signing with Buffalo. Last week when ESPN had a run through of all the teams that were not interested in him (with Miami and 49ers being the only ones who were interested) and I jokingly mentioned that this is the type of guy that the Bills need to pickup. The Bills never seem to pay these high profile guys, and tend to veer away from those with even the slightest of character issues. Sometimes overlooking "character" issues for the short term can allow for on field success, which the Bills desperately need.

I think this will be great for Lee Evans who will, for the first time, have a second receiver that can draw away some coverage from him. Marshawn and Fred Jackson should benefit from this as well. T.O is still a good player, regardless of his off field drama, and is definitely better than our current number 1, 2, and 3 WRs. I'm feeling pretty excited right now, but time will tell.

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