Friday, January 9, 2009

Libertarian Misunderstanding

This blog entry references the following blog post:

I think this guy is confusing neo-conservatism with Libertarianism. He talks about corporate welfare and unnecessary military spending through Republican presidents (none of which have followed true conservative or Libertarian policies). If this dude knew the difference between the current Republican Party and Libertarian Party, then he wouldn’t use them interchangeably. He also confuses corporate welfare with helping business (which of course fuels jobs and the economy). I’d like to know what companies are funding these “Libertarian Think Tanks” (especially big businesses who benefit from corporate welfare). Libertarians are against corporate welfare, which can’t be said for current Republicans and Democrats.

See how this guy interchanges Libertarian and Republican, and makes them appear as the same (which can’t be farther from the truth):

“There's already a lot of money in Libertarian think tanks; it comes from business. The explosion of dedicated Libertarian volunteerism necessary to transform the United States has yet to materialize, even though the Republican Party has harnessed an explosion of socially conservative volunteerism in the service of the same business interests that benefit from Washington's "Libertarian" bullshit factories. Money from business interests provides the only real political pressure pushing policy in a Libertarian direction.”

This guy needs to learn about Libertarianism and the Libertarian Party.

* NOTE - It appears that there are others who agree with me (and in much more detail):

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